Overcoming Fear Began With God & Love

 Okay let's begin! First and foremost, my name is Melinda but I go by "Mel" and I have no idea what I'm actually doing. But to who ever may be reading this my goal is to encourage and inspire others that might have lost faith, or are possibly carrying a heavy weight of hurt, illness, road blocks or feel inferior in life, like I did. Since starting the journey of Mels Holiday I have experienced so many emotions. Emotions that I really never tapped into because I was always the passive, very quiet, shy type of woman. For about 13 years I maintained working regular full time jobs, which always consisted of public service and high stress and a regular life routine the felt invisible the majority of time. Typically my only excitement came from problem solving and thanks to an amazing close support system, outlets of intense heart to hearts, random get-a-ways and concert going I was fair. Besides these occasional moments of enjoyment I was always still in a place of feeling stuck, sad and had high anxiety. Ok enough of my real heavy-heavy for a moment and let's speed things up a bit to the World's heavy; March 2020 the PANDEMIC. The Covid-19 pandemic has shook the world - nation to nation and while its been a complete challenge for most people to handle it actually shook something out of me that I had been holding inside since my second year of college (and I’ll definitely be circling back to this life event); that something was fear. 

Fear has been one of the most problematic things I have endured in life. Okay so when the pandemic occurred my life became almost surreal. It was like I literally came out of my body watching all of these events, changes and struggles. Being employed full-time in a role at work where my position is categorized as public service in a financial division, and is constituted as essential while having underlying medical conditions became my breaking point. Well actually my ultimate breaking point developed from always being treated like I didn’t have intelligence or possess enough experience or decorated degrees to comprehend the most minute issues. Unfortunately throughout the years I’ve always had this problem, where I had to prove my knowledge and worth within any workforce related capacity and quite frankly “IT SUCKS” and really took over my life. I can remember in previous job roles, even when I did get a glimpse of recognition, it never came with more growth or advancement. It came with “because you’re so knowledgeable, I’m going to have you train countless numbers of people including individuals that will be your superior”. The past ”me” just took it, I put my head down and prayed that my dedication would eventually be seen and valued. Honestly, if it wasn’t for LOVE and my intense passion for design and home decor I would have completely lost it a long time ago. 

So getting back on track, all these feelings came to a head in March 2020, I was not only battling personal illnesses; I was beyond frustrated and angry with just about everything. But then out of nowhere, God came and spoke to me, questioned me and uplifted me with so much LOVE. There I was sitting on my couch, I had just gotten over the worse sinus infection and I said to myself “you have to get this creative energy out; start a two week project or finally start the business I had been desiring for years.” Then God spoke to me again saying, “Melinda crush the hurt and fear, I know you’ve been through quite a lot hurt and disappointments in life; I know in college you were discouraged from designing by an instructor who didn’t understand or want to understand your design aesthetic and would purposely grade you low and fail you because you did not color within the lines of interior architecture that she resonated with. You know design, it’s your skill, it’s your passion, it’s your LOVE.” It was my full blown truth and after receiving it, I then opened laptop and the rest is history and future that has yet to be told. While going through this journey I have had days where I’m like “Melinda what the heck were you thinking” but honestly these moments are now transitioning to “remember this is your LOVE, sleep on whatever it is and get back on track tomorrow.” This LOVE has been a feeling like no other and it was the inspiration to my first design product - Mels Holiday “LOVE” Face Cover/Neck Gaiter. This product has been so popular and has taken off so fast, reaching so many people even notable fashion media outlets. I’m always going to keep the LOVE design somewhere in my production. It’s my ultimate reminder that I never have to fear and I’m a strong, beautiful, courageous woman with so much more to show the world. With the power of God and LOVE I officially welcome you to my holiday - Mels Holiday!